Brand Story

Sichuan Cuihong Food Co., Ltd. is a whole industry chain enterprise focusing on chilies planting, R & D, production and marketing sales.It started in 1984 from elder generation, and was officially registered in 2013.The Headquarter of Cuihong located in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, where total production area is 50,000 square meters, out of 35,000 square meters in Guanghan, all the left, 15,000 square meters in Xixiu branch of Guizhou province.Now it has the ability to produce 10,000 tons of red chili oil in production workshop and owns intelligent chilies screening and drying line which is designed by independent R&D department. Cuihong has more than 500 employees. Since its establishment, Cuihong has retained the traditional chilies-making skills about Sichuan people. After years of continuous innovation, it has combined the traditional technology with modern production, and has completed the perfect improvement of quality and volume.There are more than 120 products, the kinds ranging from customized raw materials to various of chili products. The flagship products are featured by chili powder(sichuan favor) , red chili oil and handmade chili powder. The annual throughput of chili raw materials is more than 35,000 tons. At the same time, for catering enterprises to provide spicy customization and application, has been established strategic cooperation relations with many well-known enterprises, such as Tricon Global Restaurant,Inc., Xiaolongkan, da Long Yi hot pot etc. Cuihong's sales channels are throughout China, by setting up distribution agents in all provinces and cities, and our products have been really loved by markets in more than 30 provinces and cities. Additionally, Cuihong’s products has been successfully introduced into large and medium-sized supermarkets, such as ITO and Hema-fresh. Meanwhile, the official flagship stores, such as tmall, Jingdong and Alibaba, have been established on the Internet, and  online and offline, the dual-side and parallel strategies has been implemented.At the same time of developing domestic market, Cuihong gradually distributes its overseas market. Now its products have been sold in more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Spain and so on, which are welcomed by domestic and foreign consumers.Cuihong always regards product quality as the foundation of enterprise development and firmly believes that good products come from good raw materials. It has established its own chili planting bases in Guizhou, Henan and Xinjiang. Guizhou base covers an area of 200,000 kilometers square, and It aims to create an ecological traceability of the whole industrial chain of chilies from planting to dining #sql_#sql_#sql_#sql_#sql_table#####s, and ensure the products quality from original source.Taking "promoting spicy culture and inheriting true quality" as its own responsibility, focusing on quality, strengthening management and trustworthiness, the company has successively obtained HACCP food safety system certification, ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO22000:2005 food safety management system, safety production standardization management certification and American FDA certification.In the future, Cuihong will continue to adhere to the missions of "popularizing high-quality products and qualifying popular products". With strict food production standards, enterprise management standards and product development standards, based in Sichuan and to the global, Cuihong will provide high-quality spicy products for Chinese and global families, catering enterprises and production-oriented enterprises, so that more people can feel the wonderful life where is brought by spicy taste!

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    36-year industrial experience

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    Over 50,000 square meter covering production area

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    More than 160 Product specifications

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    More than 35,000-ton of chili raw materials’ throughput

Brand History


starting chili-making skills of Sichuan people spicy mode, making chili products by hand.
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  • 1984
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Chili Base

Cuihong cooperates with local agricultural cooperatives and governments in Xinjiang, Zunyi, Guizhou and Linying, Henan Province, respectively and It has established several chili planting bases. Relying on the local favorable planting conditions and the professional analysis technology provided by local growers, Cuihong strictly controls soil, pesticide and environmental pollution, and uses standardized production technology to plant, cultivate and harvest chilies throughout the whole process, from cutting, drying pretreatment to final storage management, where it can effectively improve the quality and yield of chili.
  • Xinjiang Base
  • Guizhou Base
  • Henan Base
  • Xinjiang Base

  • Guizhou Base

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